Mother-In-Law Arrested for Slapping Daughter-In-Law with Turkey Leg

Chicago, IL — What should have been a special occasion to celebrate being with family, turned into a full blown brawl amongst a wife & her mother-in-law.

Valarie Johnson was recently booked into Cook County jail for aggravated assault against her daughter-in-law Priscilla Johnson. Valarie Johnson is charged with assaulting Priscilla Johnson with a turkey leg.

According to the police report, Valarie Johnson & Priscilla Johnson got into a heated exchange over whether or not Jamal Johnson, Valarie’s son & Priscilla’s husband, preferred his mother’s cooking or his wife’s cooking.

Police reports claim that Valarie told Priscilla, “My son may be married to a white woman, but your ass will never be able to cook like me.” Priscilla responder by saying, “Too bad your cooking couldn’t help keep a man in your life.” Upon hearing that, Valarie allegedly grabbed the turkey leg off of her son’s plate & proceeded to beat Priscilla causing Priscilla to end up with a busted lip & black eye.

Priscilla was treated by a local hospital while Valarie remains locked up until Monday awaiting her first bail hearing.

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