Kamala Harris Blames “Black Twitter” for Dropping Out of Presidential Race…Vows Payback

Senator Kamala Harris recently announced that she is dropping out of the Presidential race.

The reason she is dropping out has to do with her campaign not raising enough money and her poll numbers dropping to single digits. Another reason why Kamala Harris is suspending her campaign that isn’t being widely publicized is that Kamala Harris is pointing blame at a group of people who participate in a category of social media known as “Black Twitter”.

Black Twitter is pretty much anybody who is black who has an opinion on a variety of topics. A rep from the Harris campaign stated that, “Senator Harris is truly frustrated at the lack of support Black Twitter has given her ever since she announced her candidacy. Senator Harris did everything in her power to prove that she’s one of the sistah-gals and down for ‘the peoples’, but sadly Black Twitter didn’t approve.” The rep also went on to say, “Senator Harris is determined to figure out who all of the ring leaders of Black Twitter are with the intention of making their lives a living hell for causing her to drop out of the race.”

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