Pete Buttigieg Releases New Black & LGBTQ Unity Flag

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has come under fire recently for comparing the struggles of being black in America to his perceived struggles of being a gay white man in America.

“While I do not have the experience of ever having been discriminated against because of the color of my skin,” Buttigieg began, “I do have the experience of sometimes feeling like a stranger in my own country, turning on the news and seeing my own rights come up for debate, and seeing my rights expanded by a coalition of people like me and people not at all like me.”

Critics have stated that Buttigieg’s comparison is absurd & is highly disrespectful to the black community because unlike him, black people can’t hide their skin color like a gay person can hide their sexuality.

Buttigieg feeling the pressure to win back potential black voters released a new flag to represent unity amongst black Americans & the LGBTQ community. A spokesman from his campaign stated, “Pete Buttigieg is all about unity. He recently listened to Queen Latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y. song & was inspired. He hopes this new flag will bring both groups together so that he can win the nomination.”

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