Melania Trump Booed for Dressing Up Like a Philly Blunt

First Lady Melania Trump was greeted with a bunch of boos at an Opioid Awareness event in Baltimore, Maryland.

The reason some believe she was booed is because of comments her husband made about the city of Baltimore, calling the city essentially a crime-ridden rat infested slum.

Turns out that the real reason Melania Trump was booed was because she arrived at the event dressed like a Philly blunt. One spectator said, “We’re here to talk about opioids ruining our communities & she’s here subconsciously trying to get us to run out to the corner store to buy a pack of Swisher Sweets.”

Another spectator stated, “It’s a shame they’re booing this woman. She’s only trying to help. If she had of just passed out a few bags of that ohh-wee to match her outfit, I think the people would have applauded her.”

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