New Evidence Suggests White People Created Gravity to Hold the Black Man Down

Classified documents have just been released claiming to prove that white people are responsible for creating gravity with the sole purpose of trying the keep the black man down.

For years it has always been believed that “the white man” was out there doing everything in his power to prevent black people, especially black men, from becoming prosperous but rarely if ever was there solid undeniable evidence to prove the claim of “the white man is holding me down”. Now all of that has changed.

Dr. Dwight Guy, a leading scientist at the Department of Science, Health, Energy Efficiency, Information & Technology (S.H.E.E.I.T.), claims to have classified information proving that the unexplainable phenomenon that appears to primarily only affect black people to where they feel as if they cannot move up in life as if some roadblock is being tossed their way is actually the effects of gravity purposely being used against them.

Dr. Dwight Guy stated that there are devices situated all across America in predominately black communities that allow for “the white man” to manipulate the effects of gravity to cause black people to feel as if they are stuck and can’t go anywhere in life. These devices have been in use for years and they have unfortunately contributed to a negative stereotype about black people which has caused a lot of people outside of the black community, even some other black people who don’t live in predominately black communities, to view these black men & women as lazy, unambitious and always wanting to blame white people for their problems. Well, there appears to be a legit conspiracy in place due to “the white man’s” advanced technological capabilities of actually manipulating the effects of gravity on black people.

Dr. Dwight Guy is scheduled to be a speaker at the Foundational Black American (FBA) Conference this summer to explain this new revelation in full detail.

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