“White Supremacy World” Theme Park Scheduled to Open in 2021.

Jackson, MS — A theme park named White Supremacy World designed to give young black people a taste of old fashioned hardcore racism is scheduled to open in the summer of 2021.

A group known as Foundational Black Americans (FBA) has been raising funds this past year towards the development of a theme park designed to recreate full blown unapologetic racism. The group aims to give young black Americans, particularly those born into the era of internet technologies, an opportunity to experience a life of true struggle & hardships they never lived.

The amusement park plans to have attractions setup to where white employees can shoot black people with water hoses, sick dogs on them, chase black people through cotton fields with whips, and capture black people by putting nooses around their necks. Those are just a few of the scheduled attractions. All of these attractions are designed to illicit raw emotions of fear & terror so that young black people can return to social media to justify their claims of struggle.

FBA spokesperson for White Supremacy World stated, “We understand that the theme park is controversial but we feel it is important to give our younger generation of black people a temporary dose of what actual racism feels & looks like. Right now we have too many young Foundational Black Americans growing up in a world where their greatest claim for racism is some random white person calling them the n-word on Twitter. We want to recreate the full experience of what these young people’s older relatives & ancestors went through so that they truly never forget nor disconnect from those of us who lived that life in real time.”

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