Pro-Blacks Build Time Machine to Return Back to the “Good Old Days” of Jim Crow

Boston, MA — An avid pro-Black & follower of the Foundational Black American movement recently invented a time machine to teleport black people back to the “good old days”.

Dr. Woyce Batkins recently announced that he had discovered how to actually travel back in time so that black people could return to the Jim Crow/segregation era. When asked why specifically Jim Crow, Dr. Batkins stated, “Because that’s when black men & women acted like black men & women.” When asked about living in an era of extreme racial tension & open violence, Dr. Batkins stated, “That’s exciting too. We need black people to feel a little pain.”

The time machine program invented by Dr. Batkins is officially named “It’s Time” & it will make its official debut at the Foundational Black American 2020 conference where guests will be charged $1000 per person to teleport back to Jim Crow.

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