If You Talked Bad About Trump in Last 4 Years, No Stimulus Check for You

Washington, DC — Coronavirus stimulus checks are currently being prepared to be sent out to millions of Americans to combat the economic issues brought on by the virus which has caused millions of Americans to file for unemployment.

One stipulation regarding the issuing out of these stimulus checks is a stipulation President Trump has enacted which states that if there is anything on your social media timelines talking about Trump in a negative manner, you will be automatically disqualified from receiving a stimulus check. Stimulus checks could range from anywhere between $1200 (single) to $2400 (married) to an additional $500 per child under the age of 18.

Members of President Trump’s staff stated that prior to issuing out the checks, the NSA & the Secret Service will be conducting a massive scrub of all people’s social medias to find negative statements about Donald Trump. For every one negative statement or posting they find, one dollar will be subtracted from your stimulus check. Staffers say that President Trump is tired of people talking greasy about him as he is trying to do the best he can do to combat this virus. So for people not giving him his proper respect, you can kiss that stimulus check goodbye and figure out how you are going to get by on your own during this quarantine.

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