Dr. Umar Johnson Says Kobe Bryant Died b/c Kobe Didn’t Donate to Umar’s School

Philadelphia, PA — Self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism”, Dr. Umar Johnson, recently went viral on social media over conspiracy theories surrounding the tragic death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Dr. Umar Johnson initially claimed that the greater powers that be, da white man, plotted to take Kobe Bryant out due to Kobe allegedly being involved in a lawsuit with a major pharmaceutical company over the name “Black Mamba”.

Dr. Umar Johnson recently retracted his statements & came forward to discuss what really happened.

Dr. Umar Johnson stated, “The real reason our brother Kobe died is because he didn’t donate to the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy for boys. I’ve been out here soliciting donations for 4+ years & Kobe didn’t send me one penny. The decision to not support my school caused the ancestors to think unfavorably of Kobe. That’s the real reason.”

Straight Facts B...sort of
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