Andrew Gillum Enters Rehab to Get Delivert From Drugs & Male Escorts

Miami, FL — Former Tallahassee, FL mayor & Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum just announced that he will be checking himself into rehab to help deal with his addiction.

Andrew Gillum was recently caught in a hotel room in Miami with methamphetamines & 2 men (one believed to be a male sex worker). Stories have come out alleging that Andrew Gillum was partially naked in the room while the alleged male escort was fully naked in addition to baggies of methamphetamines being found in the room.

Andrew Gillum initially declined the allegations but has since decided to check himself into a rehab facility. Sources close to Gillum state that Gillum is entering rehab to help him get delivert from the evil temptations of drugs & naked white men.

To help Andrew Gillum during these rough times, viral internet sensation Andrew Caldwell offered his support for Gillum by stating, “If Andrew Gillum needs me to help him get delivert, I am here for him baby! Delivering deliverts is what I do chile!”

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