Man Arrested Again for Throwing Bricks at Nail Salon b/c Salon Won’t Offer Cyber Monday Discounts

Chicago, IL — Tyrone Muhammad was apprehended by Chicago Police for throwing bricks into the Colour Nails salon after discovering that the owner of the shop would not offer a black female patron any Cyber Monday deals on getting her nails treated.

Tyrone Muhammad was recorded walking inside of Colour Nails telling patrons to exit the store before launching bricks through the windows. When asked about if launching bricks through the window was the right thing to do, Tyrone responded by saying, “We’re not going to stand for anymore disrespect of our black women in our communities anymore from these Asians. Everybody else is offering discounts on Cyber Monday and these Asian nail salons think they can charge black women full price for a full set of nails. No. Those days are over with. Either they give these sistahs a Cyber Monday discount on their nails or they deal with bricks flying through windows. It’s just that simple.”

After cleaning up shards of glass from his store, the owner of Colour Nails was asked if he plans on offering Cyber Monday deals in the future to avoid bricks flying through his window. The owner stated, “This is a damn nail salon, not an internet cafe. What the fuxx does Cyber Monday have to do with women getting their nails done? I bet they didn’t ask Popeyes if they are offering any Cyber Monday deals.”

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