White Supremacy Killed Juice WRLD

Chicago, IL — Reports are coming in claiming that Chicago rapper by the name of Juice WRLD was actually killed because of white supremacy.

KG News caught up with a member of Foundational Black Americans (FBA) & they claim that Juice WRLD was setup by “the white man”. FBA claims that there is no way in the world that a rapper would be able to get upwards of 70 pounds of marijuana, bottles of “lean”, painkillers & loaded weapons onto a private plane unless there was a white supremacist involved.

Reports also state that the pilot of that jet actually tipped off the authorities prior to landing further leading credibility to the “white man” story proposed by FBA because everybody knows that there aren’t any private jet pilots that are black, so it had to be a white supremacist.

Straight Facts B...sort of
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