Bhad Bhabie Calls Out “Bald Headed” Black Women

Danielle Bregoli, professionally known as Bhad Bhabie, expressed some words to black women who took issue with her wearing box braids.

“To all the black females that are saying my hair ain’t meant for box braids guess the fuxx what y’all hair ain’t meant to be straight but y’all glue whole wigs on to your heads and sew brazilian/Indian/Peruvian hair which is anything like your natural hair textures at all and I don’t say a god damn thing neither do the other cultures that you get the hair from. And on top of that I’m not one of the ppl who has ever made fun of or said anything bad about girls with box braids or any type of braids. I completely agree that would b out of line and culture appropriation if I was trashing black girls for wearing braids them getting but that’s not the situation at all so leave me tf alone or imma start getting real disrespectful.”

“I love the way I look plus ya man agrees and we all know I look fine asf with any hair style I do from any culture because I’m just that bitch. I hope y’all bald headed hoes stay up all night thinking bout this. Me and my braids gonna sleep real good. Goodnight.”

My personal thoughts on this…

When is the last time you’ve seen a non-black woman call out a black woman for wearing wigs or weaves that isn’t her natural hair texture? The answer is never, but social media is forever flooded with black women calling out non-black women for wearing braids and other hairstyles black women somehow feel are reserved strictly for black women. Regardless, if black women really feel a certain way about what Bhad Bhabie said, then maybe they need to “catch her outside” and show her what time it is.

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