Santa Claus Fired for Telling Black Kids They Won’t Be Getting Gifts

Bloomington, MN — A Mall of America Santa Claus was recently fired for allegedly telling black children that he will not be stopping by the ghetto to deliver presents.

Earl Hanks who was hired this year as a Mall of America Santa Claus is accused by multiple black parents of telling their children that Santa will not be delivering their children toys because Santa doesn’t deliver to the ghetto.

Tamara Johnson, mother of 2 twin boys aged 5, stated, “After taking a picture with Santa, my children started crying. Turns out, he told my twins that Santa doesn’t come to the ghetto to give black kids toys. I was appalled!”

Another parent, Jermaine Williams, stated, “That cracka ass cracka told my 4 year old baby to go find a black Santa if she wanted gifts. I started to beat the brakes off that muthafucka right then & there, but I can’t risk going to jail over this minimum wage working son of a bitch.”

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