George Zimmerman to Help Minneapolis with Community Policing Due to Disbanding of Police Department

Minneapolis, MN — The city council of Minneapolis has voted to disband the police as a result of the death of George Floyd at the hands of former police officer Derek Chauvin. The city council has proposed creating a new “community policing” system to ensure the safety of its citizens from police brutality.

Upon this news reps for George Zimmerman, the former Sanford, FL neighborhood watchman who killed Trayvon Martin, have stated that Zimmerman has volunteered his services & expertise into helping the citizens of Minneapolis form an effective city-wide neighborhood watch program.

We’re told Zimmerman plans to teach Minneapolis citizens how to patrol their communities, how to determine if a person is suspicious looking, & how to invoke the stand your ground or self defense law in the event they find themselves in a questionable situation that results in the death of an unarmed person…especially if that unarmed person is a black teen dressed in a hoodie walking home from the corner store.

Reps from Zimmerman’s camp say that there is nobody more qualified than George Zimmerman to lead this historical task of disbanding the police & implementing a successful city-wide neighborhood watch program to ensure police brutality is a thing of the past.

We’re also told that Gregory & Travis McMichael have volunteered to help Minneapolis under the assumption they beat their case for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

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