Minneapolis Looters are Shocked by All of the Riots They See Taking Place on Their Stolen Flatscreen TVs

Minneapolis, MN — People who decided to participate in looting in Minneapolis on the first night of the riots are shocked by how so many people are tearing up their own communities around the country as they protest police brutality.

D’Marcus Little of Minneapolis stated, “It amazes me how so many people are just carelessly destroying & vandalizing their own communities over the death of George Floyd. I didn’t realize things were this bad until I turned on my 65 inch TV that I picked up for free at Target during the first night of the riots. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Jasper Wilson stated, “I’m just thankful I was able to get some spark plugs, brakes, battery, wiper fluid, & engine oil from Auto Zone for my ‘94 pickup truck for free so that I can get away from all of these crazy people thinking they can just do what they want to do.”

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