Mike Bloomberg Says He’s Not Racist, He Just Wants Black People to Spend More Time with the Cops

New York, NY — Mike Bloomberg is coming under fire over a video that has gone viral where Bloomberg states that he believes white people are stopped too much and minorities are stopped too little in regards to his controversial stop & frisk policies.

A representative from the Bloomberg campaign later addressed this clip stating that, “Mike Bloomberg is not in favor of police unjustly profiling minorities. Mike Bloomberg is really just trying to force the police to get to know black people. Mike Bloomberg feels that the best way to police black communities is by having the cops roll up on random black people in the streets and introduce themselves.”

When asked about how these ‘friendly’ interactions often times results in unjust profiling & how come white people don’t get shown the same attention, the rep stated, “Mike Bloomberg believes that white people love the police and the police love white people so there is no need for the police to roll up on random white people. Bloomberg is just simply trying to get black people to love the police as well and sometimes we have to go above and beyond to convince black people to love the police as much as the police loves black people. This is all about love. That’s all.”

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