Democratic Debate Moderators Promise to Address ‘Black Issues’ Such as Baby Mamas & Twerking

Charleston, SC — Democratic primary debate moderators are coming under fire for not addressing black issues outside of the realm of crime & poverty.

Black voters across the country have expressed anger this primary season over debate moderators only bringing up issues that affect that black community when it comes to the subjects of crime & poverty. Black voters state that there are a plethora of issues ranging from education to reparations that need to be discussed in depth during these debates.

Organizers of the latest Democratic debate stated that the moderators have been instructed to present more topics of concern towards black issues. Two topics that plan to be discussed are: baby mamas & twerking.

Debate organizers stated that rampant baby mamas & uncontrolled twerking are serious concerns that the Democratic candidates need to be made aware of in addition to questions about crime & poverty. Organizers of the Democratic debate expressed that they hope the black community recognizes their sincere interest in highlighting ‘black issues’ on the national stage.

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