Gayle King Says, “Black Folks Always Crying About Something. They’ll Be Alright.”

New York, NY — Gayle King has been receiving a relentless backlash this week over her interview she did with former WNBA superstar Lisa Leslie in regards to questions about the late great Kobe Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault trial.

Rapper Snoop Dogg ripped into Gayle King called her a “funky dog haired bitch”. Various black celebrities have come out to express their disdain towards Gayle King. In addition, Black people on social media have been expressing their anger to the point where Oprah Winfrey was crying over alleged death threats being made towards Gayle King.

Gayle King was asked how she was handling all of this backlash & Gayle King stated, “This was to be expected. Black people get mad about every little thing. They will cry for a hot minute, then when the next story comes along they’ll cry about that. They will be alright. This is what black people do.”

Straight Facts B...sort of
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