Group in Africa is Kidnapping White People for Lions to Hunt

Tanzania — In response to international outcry about white people going to African countries to hunt lions & elephants for sport, one group in Tanzania decided to take matters into their own hands by kidnapping white people & dropping them off in the wild to be hunted by lions.

A group called Gnomo HuWhymon (GH) stated that they were tired of seeing images of white people coming to the continent & celebrating after they slaughtered one of Africa’s precious wild animals. Beginning earlier this year, GH began offering fake safari tours specifically designed to attract affluent white people with the promise that there might be an opportunity to kill a wild animal on the safari. Once the safari began, GH would force the tourists to remove all their valuables at gunpoint, throw buckets of animal blood on them & then drop them off deep into the wilderness where prides of lions are known to roam.

One member of GH stated, “Hopefully this will discourage the white man from coming into our lands to kill our precious animals. But just in case it doesn’t, we have plenty of hungry lions waiting to get a taste of some of that white meat.”

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