Mike Bloomberg Offers Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches in Exchange for the Black Vote

New York, NY — Billionaire Democratic Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has decided to try a new strategy to gain the support of the black community to make up for his stop and frisk policies he implemented during his tenure as the mayor of New York City.

Mike Bloomberg recently announced that in exchange for their vote, black people would get a voucher for free Popeyes chicken sandwiches for six months. Mike Bloomberg hopes that this new strategy will paint him in a new light to show that he cares about the black community & wants to make amends with a community who feels he’s racist.

When asked about Mike Bloomberg’s new strategy, one particular voter named Harold Washington stated, “Look, these cracka ass crackas will always be racist & try to pander to the black community. But, I sholl do like me some Popeyes. I’m not saying I’m gonna vote for Bloomberg, but those Popeye chicken sandwiches do be hitting tho!”

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