Yang Gang Faced with Sad Reality That They are Going to Have Keep Working for a Living

Los Angeles — Former Democratic candidate Andrew Yang bowing out of the 2020 Presidential race did not bode well for his loyal dedicated followers known as the Yang Gang.

Upon hearing news of the candidate dropping out Yang Gang members all over social media expressed anger, outrage, and some even resorted to crying on YouTube videos. The harsh reality of Andrew Yang dropping out of the Presidential race was just too much for thousands of Yang Gang members to handle.

The biggest reason the Yang Gang is frustrated over Andrew Yang dropping out is due to the new reality that is about to set in for Yang Gang. That reality being…they’re actually going to have keep working. All of the fantasies about taking the extra $1000 per month UBI stipend to allow for them to spend time discovering the meaning of life have pretty much dissipated. Now the cold truth about slaving away for “da man” is beginning to settle back in and many Yang Gangers are not sure how they are going to cope with this reality.

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