Oprah Says a Harvey Weinstein Documentary Will Be Produced in Nevuary of This Year

Chicago, IL — Due to the recent convictions of Harvey Weinstein & pressure from the black community, Oprah has finally decided to inform the black community of the possibility of a Weinstein documentary chronicling his sexual abuse acts.

Reps for Oprah stated, “Oprah has absolutely no plans of doing a damn thang in relation to her friend Harvey Weinstein. As a matter of fact, Oprah has plans of dropping more documentaries exposing more black men because she can do that & ain’t nothing you lil niggas gonna do about it.”

The black community responded back by threatening to protest & boycott but reps from Oprah further stated, “Ain’t nobody worried about all that. White folks love Oprah. Long as them white dollars keep rolling in, OWN is gonna keep on keeping on.”

Straight Facts B...sort of
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