R. Kelly Petitions Judge to Let Him Participate in Swizz Beatz “Verzuz” IG Challenge

Chicago, IL — Legendary, yet disgraced, R&B singer R. Kelly recently wrote the judge presiding over his case to allow for him to participate in hip hop producer’s Swizz Beatz “Verzuz” Instagram challenge.

R. Kelly cellmate reportedly wrote on Kel’s behalf (cause Kel’s can’t read or write)…

After hearing about all of these IG challenges & learning about how Teddy Riley’s performance was just an absolute disaster, I feel it’s necessary for me to bless the world & all of the lovely young ladies with my presence on IG so that people can remember that I am still the king of R&B.

Judge, if you let me participate, I promise I won’t slide into any young lady’s DMs. I just want to make young women feel happy as we all remain sheltered during this quarantine. I just want to do this for young ladies your honor. Oh & if you allow me to do so, can I please wear my pied piper mask?



R. Kelly said he’s open to challenging anybody. So far singer Jacquees state’s that he’ll challenge Kels to see who the real king of R&B is.

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